Percy Sledge – Take Time To Know Her

You’d maybe think from the title that this song would offer some sort of instruction to men to be a bit more thoughtful and considerate: you know, that woman of yours is worth your indulgence and care. Because she’s special and she deserves it.

But no. It’s actually about making sure you get to know her because… well, because you know how devious and duplicitous women can be. They’ll stamp all over you if you give them a chance.

The set up here – as with a lot of these types of songs – is that Percy is a sweet, good-hearted boy who falls so hard in love with a girl that he doesn’t see that she’s just a whole world of trouble. Even though it’s really obvious. So obvious, in fact, that his mother spots it as soon as she meets her (of course he’s a mummy’s boy). As does the preacher. Who both take him aside to warn him off this black hearted woman. Does he listen? Does he fuck. And naturally, he pays the price. Poor Percy.

With all that said, it’s played and sung with such sweetness and conviction that you ignore the implicit misogyny and take Percy’s side completely. How could she treat him like that?


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