Woolfy – City Lights

I heard this playing in H&M the other week and was so taken with it that I considered asking one of the shop assistant girls what it was. But I didn’t want to come across as an old weirdo creep.

I heard it again in H&M yesterday and this time I recorded it. I also asked the two girls behind the counter what it was. “Fuck off you old weirdo creep,” they said.

Actually, they were very nice. But they didn’t know what it was. Shazam told me later.

So it’s by Woolfy who is a British ex pat called Simon James who lives and works in California. Good for him.

A laid-back indie shuffle, its slow drums and camp fire acoustic guitar are enveloped with a marimba/xylophone thing that makes it sound like it was recorded underwater. Very chilled out and vibey.

The double-tracked vocals, though sonically distant, have an intimacy that comes from the streetwise delivery (by virtue of his English accent) and the lyrics which seem to be a love letter to the city. Or maybe a love letter to a lover. The joyously poetic “we live to love you” refrain gives the whole thing a quietly anthemic quality.

Dreamy, summery and rather captivating.


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