Tyrannosaurus Rex – Debora

I’ve always envied any man (or woman) with a wife/girlfriend called Debora because they’d get to play them this over and over until they were absolutely sick of hearing it. Of course, their lover’s name would actually have to be Debora rather than Deborah or Debra. No cheating.

One of the things I love about it is that Bolan, dispensing with tired love song cliches, makes a girl who dresses like a conjuror and looks like a zebra and a stallion seem like a very attractive proposition indeed. And he manages this with the sheer exuberance of the playing and, particularly, with the weird loveliness of his voice. He sounds like he’s totally lost in this girl.

But the bit I really love – that never fails to delight and move me – is when he soars into that lovely “Ahhhhhh, ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh…” at 2:25. No wonder girls adored him so much.


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One Response to Tyrannosaurus Rex – Debora

  1. Makes all of Devendra Banhardt and – imho – Animal Collective’s recordings fade into insignificance. Matthew

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