Coldplay – Hurts LIke Heaven

I reckon if you’re going to shout about how much you hate Coldplay you should also ensure that your own taste in music is absolutely impeccable. Just so you can be taken seriously. And by impeccable, I don’t mean the old punk/indie stuff you once taped off John Peel.

That said, I can understand why people don’t like Chris Martin. He’s a bit of a prat. But harmless enough. It’s not as if he’s up there with Bono or Sting in the punchability stakes. Not least because he can sing the arse off both of them.

I think it was Peter Hook who said of Coldplay: “Shit band, great singer”. There’s some truth in that. What they’ve got going for them is a frontman with a great voice who knows how to write tunes and entertain crowds. But it’s often undone by the band’s failure to rise much above the pedestrian. But then possibly that’s how they want to play it: you reach the biggest audience by going down the middle and not veering too far from the path. Of course, the only drawback to that is that you end up selling millions of records, entertaining people in their thousands and earning loads of cash. Idiots.

The thing is, I find the Coldplay hatred rather perplexing. The worst thing they’ve ever done is put out a few bland, though hummable, tunes. The best thing they’ve ever done is put out some great, uplifting pop music that your milkman would happily whistle along to. They’re a pop band. And quite a decent one at that. If you want something more from your music, look elsewhere: Pitchfork or Drowned in Sound is bound to have something right up your street.

Fix You is probably Coldplay’s greatest song. But I went with Hurts Like Heaven because it’s an expertly crafted piece of electro pop that I couldn’t imagine anyone disliking.


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2 Responses to Coldplay – Hurts LIke Heaven

  1. Huw Sayer says:

    Idiots indeed – wish I were half as stupid and talented.

  2. Huw Sayer says:

    PS: Awesome track to type along to – was working on some notes while listening and my fingers were zipping across the keyboard – now exhausted!

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