The Boo Radleys – Blues For George Michael

As far as I’m aware, this version of Blues For George Michael only features on a free cassette that came with a 1994 edition of the NME.  At the time of its release, there was still quite a divide between indie and mainstream artists, particularly within the pages of the weekly music press. So it was reasonable to assume that The Boo Radleys’ tribute to Michael must have been a piss-take. However, just one listen to the song revealed that it was, in fact, an elegiac lament for a man who, it was becoming apparent, had his fair share of troubles.

A mournful piece of folk psychedelia, it’s lifted by some triumphantly sparky horns and Sice’s quivering and intimate falsetto: the perfect voice for some genuinely moving lyrics:

“Hey George Michael you don’t know me but I know you very well. They can’t take that away from you: that I’d be here if you fell. You are the one. Though you won’t care, here is my heart. They’ll be dead and gone in time, but not you.”


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