Larry Williams – Bony Moronie

My first exposure to Bony Moronie was the version my dad often sang when I was a kid: “I got a girl named Bony Moronie/she’s as skinny as a stick of macaroni/she’s got tits like boiled eggs…”

What? It was the early seventies and he must have been around 23-years-old. Young men these days say and do much worse. Don’t they?

(Of course, like some of Little Richard’s songs (Tutti Frutti, Good Golly Miss Molly etc.), Bony Moronie may have had risque origins. So maybe my dad was just singing the original lyrics or something.)

Sounding not dissimilar to Little Richard (Williams’ labelmate and long-term friend), this is a fun and raw stomp about a skinny girl who sets his heart and loins ablaze. Something that’s evident from both the singing and the playing: there might not be much to Ms Moronie physically but Williams makes sure we understand that she has a hell of a lot of oomph.

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