JJ Barrie – No Charge

This was always on the radio when I was a kid. It’s essentially a lesson in how mothers do everything without expecting thanks and how kids should stop being ungrateful little gits. Even back then it annoyed me.

I reckon kids have every right to not fully appreciate all the things their parents do for them. And I reckon it’s a pretty poor show for parents to keep banging on at them about how much they do for them. They’ll understand when they get older. In the meantime, how about letting them enjoy being kids and being blissfully unaware of how hard life can be sometimes?

Anyway. I chose this song for Shannon for Mother’s Day because I like its corny sentimentalism and its spoken lyrics. I like talking in songs. I also chose it because I mentioned it to her the other week and she said she’d never heard it.

Happy Mother’s Day Shannon!


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