Palma Violets – Step Up For The Cool Cats

The kids love the Palma Violets. Almost as much as NME journalists love them.

Their debut LP is a compelling mess of stuff we’ve all heard before. But that’s ok, they do it fairly well. Hardly earth-shattering but definitely the kind of thing to keep the Great White Hope hunters happy for a while. Until The Libertines reform again.

The thing I like most about them is that their songs are quite disorientating. There’s hardly a track on the LP that middles and ends in the same way that it started. This might be due to a lack of songwriting finesse or it might be due to them wanting to make things a bit more interesting. Either way, it works because it comes across as enthusiasm: they sound like they give a shit.

This song, their latest single, is most immediately appealing for its dreamy, Suicide-esque, organ. And its clumsily endearing lead guitar. The singing goes for the statuesque while the lyrics navigate around straightforward love song territory and eventually fall into the dippy teen poetry of “you made me dance in the sun”. Garagey, shambolic and tinny but with a reach towards the epic.

It also demonstrates how these boys might well be stayers: they can do tunes. Melodies. Even though at this stage they seem reluctant to surrender to them.


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