Justin Bieber – Die In Your Arms

Part of his ongoing attempt to market himself as a grown up, this is Bieber reaching for the adults and critics at the same time as dragging his teenage fans along with him. His manager described Die In Your Arms as “hater-proof” and he’s right. You really would have to be a committed miserablist/Muse fan to resist its blue-eyed soul charms.

Obviously indebted to Michael Jackson through its sampling of We’ve Got A Good Thing Going, it’s, at the very least, a good showcase for the pleasing maturity and staying power of Bieber’s voice. That it’s framed within the adult drama of dying in someone’s arms is an added bonus.

Best of all, however, are those seductive “mmm mmm, ahhh ahhh, yeah yeah, all right” backing vocals (modified from the Jackson song) that suck you in from the start and keep you sucked right in throughout.

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