Nilsson – Think About Your Troubles

Often, when I’m singing Maggie to sleep, I’ll go through most of the songs on Nilsson’s A Little Touch of Schmilsson in The Night album. With fantastic orchestral arrangements by the great Gordon Jenkins, it’s Nilsson doing a load of pre-rock ‘n’ roll pop standards, such as I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now, Makin’ Whoopee, You Made Me Love You, As Time Goes By etc. It’s one of my all-time favourite records and if you haven’t heard it, you really should. Just £4.99 here.

Tonight I was thinking about Nilsson and remembered this song, from his The Point! concept album and animated film. Which took me back to when I was eight-years-old (in 1976) and appeared in our school’s adaptation of The Point! (we had a very hip hippie-ish teacher: Mrs Grierson). I played The Pointed Man. It was a minor role. But played with aplomb. I loved the whole thing but was particularly taken with Think About Your Troubles.

And that took me back to recalling how happy I was as a kid and how great it was that even though my parents were bog standard working-class types, they exposed me to fabulous music, books and films. Tonight I remembered how I used to sit in our front room playing records and poring over the covers. I always linked albums like A Little Touch of Schmilsson, The Point!, the 1973 Ringo album, various Little Feat records, Wet Willie’s Drippin’ Wet, Thin Lizzy’s Vagabond’s of the Western World, Elton John’s Captain Fantastic and Roger Glover’s Butterfly Ball together – because they had marvellous illustrated covers. Regardless of the music within, they suggested a real world of magic and escape. Happy days.

Anyway. This is a characteristically beautifully sung Nilsson song. Not his best, but full of enough melody and charm to warrant inclusion here. But really, it’s here because I adored it when I was a kid and I’m currently on a nostalgia trip.

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One Response to Nilsson – Think About Your Troubles

  1. Huw Sayer says:

    Thank you Paul.

    I have been meaning to read this post all week (since getting my Monday morning reminder email) – so glad I finally got round to it.

    Can’t say I had ever heard of Harry Nilsson (the closest our family record collection got to contemporary was Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock from 1955 – the rest was classical and light opera – mainly Gilbert and Sullivan) which is a shame because I love his voice and the way he makes the quirky, slightly dark lyrics appealing. Despite this blog boosting the cost of the recommended album by 2% to £5.09, I’m going to splash out on it (and pop it in my stocking for Christmas).

    Glad this brings back happy memories (always good to have a store of them) – the only album I recognised from your list was Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (‘from the ends of the earth to your town’ – agree, great cover art).

    I always cringe when the BBC roles out Elton for another public performance but I admit that my limited collection of albums when I was a teenager in the late 70s (I’m two years older than you) included three of his: CFBDC, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Caribou, which at the time was my favourite because it had such weird lyrics – although some were more than a little depressing too (but they matched my mood at the time – which is why I can’t listen to them now).

    Hope to catch up with you again soon.

    Best wishes to you, Shannon and the girls


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