Redd Kross – It Won't Be Long

A Beatles cover that understands – as most don’t – that those fantastic early records were fantastic largely due to the performances, rather than the songwriting. Which isn’t to say that the songwriting wasn’t good. It’s just that it was the exuberance and the joyfulness of those performances that really made the hairs stand up. And in this case, in this song, it was largely due to Lennon’s marvellous vocal – that nasal, pleading urgency that was the very essence of Beatlemania.

What I like about this version is how Redd Kross’s brand of bubblegum metal creates its own exuberance, hinting at the original but making it dafter and more over the top. Its dopey metal guitar and squeaky cartoon vocals making it sound as much like the Banana Splits as it does The Beatles. In short: it’s just great fun.

And the ending – that quasi operatic descent – is the kind of thing that shows up Muse for the joyless clodhoppers they really are. If you really must do Queen, at least try to have a laugh with it.


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