Jerry Butler and The Impressions – For Your Precious Love

One of the all-time great love songs.

Often categorised as doo-wop, it’s basically early soul, as evident from Jerry Butler’s wonderfully smooth yet anguished vocal (which earned him the enduring nickname ‘The Ice Man’). Written by Butler when he was 16, it was recorded in 1958 by the newly-formed Impressions. The falsettoed backing “ooohs” are likely to come from his childhood friend, the then 15-year-old Curtis Mayfield.

I’ve always loved this song but have resisted including it here simply because I found it so difficult to write anything that would do it justice. Heartbreaking, uplifting and just utterly gorgeous.

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One Response to Jerry Butler and The Impressions – For Your Precious Love

  1. Huw Sayer says:

    Never heard it before but love it. Oddly reminds me of Unchained Melody – not the original 1955 version from the film ‘Unchained’ – – which is very sparse – but the 1965 Righteous Brothers’ version – I think it’s the wavering voice and the way the guitar picks out that little tune while the base carries it along (but there again I know nothing about music so probably have that all wrong). Thank you for the listen though.

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