Perfume Genius – Learning

The strange thing about Mike Hadreas’ (Mr Perfume Genius) overtly lo-fi, minimalist songs is that they also sound so big and full. I think this is partly because there’s enough hint of drama, and certainly enough melody, to enable you to flesh out the songs yourself. That is, they sound (to me, anyway) like demo versions of grand pop songs.

In this song, the title track from his first LP, it’s basically nothing more than a couple of shakily played piano chords (with an added tinkle), and his intimate, though distant, voice. With the whole thing sounding as if it was recorded in a store cupboard. Adding to the feeling of incompleteness, or demo-ness, is the inclusion of “blah, blah, blah” in the lyrics – which also serves the purpose of reinforcing the narrator’s somewhat superior tone: “You will learn to mind me, and you will learn to survive me.”

It’s very delicate and simple – yet also quite dramatic and oddly beautiful.

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One Response to Perfume Genius – Learning

  1. Ben says:

    Lovely. Great piano playing.

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