Lift To Experience – These Are The Days

From their only LP, the brilliant Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, this is the standout track among many Lift To Experience standouts. Featuring the themes that run throughout the whole record (Old Testament-ish proclamations about salvation, Armageddon, Texas as the new Jerusalem etc.), this is their most overtly melodic and radio-friendly effort. It’s also their most playful, with lyrics that hark back to the ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ while touching upon their standing within the world of pop:

“So all you haircut bands, doing headstands,
thinking you’ll turn the world upside down.
Put your guitars up over your shoulders.
A new sort of experience is taking over
‘cos we’re simply the best band in the whole damn land.”

It’s after this bit, at 3.25, when Josh Pearson changes key and sings: “The city is ours for the taking…” that the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. And that’s the key to the greatness of this song: Pearson’s soulful and prophetic voice riding above that swoonsome My Bloody Valentine-ish wall of guitars.



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