Death Grips – Hacker

There’s a lot of noise currently surrounding Death Grips. Mainly from people trying to figure out just what they are. Rap? Rock? Indie-rap-rock? Rock-rap? Grime-rap?

What I love about them is that they’re loud, aggressive and artful. And I reckon that’s the key to ‘understanding’ them – as an art band. To my ears they sound as inventive and as mischievous as The Residents. As dense as Cabaret Voltaire. And in places their singer reminds me of Mark E Smith. Which could be all the recommendation you need.

This, the final track on their new The Money Store album, is a little more accessible than most of their other stuff. It’s a bit more spacious and hooky, and perhaps a little more dancey. It even comes with an intelligible lyric and an almost anthemic (“This is my area!”) refrain.

All in all, they’re one of the most exciting and ‘different’ (given that we’ve heard it all before) things I’ve heard in a long time. Required listening for anyone who wants to piss off their mam and dad.

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One Response to Death Grips – Hacker

  1. They remind me a bit of the way I felt about Slab! in the mid 1980s, which precipitated in their almost mainstream but delicious “Deaths Head Soup” again they defied that stupid habit of the music press of making up a name, but it was a sort of Funk-noise thing that made my neck hair go tingly and it had the super DJ sample from Cameo in it which was a bonus, they were a bit like The The having a fight with Scratch Acid at times. Another band that gave me the same feeling was Atari Teenage Riot. Good stuff.

    Slab! here – shocking sound quality sadly.

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