Fucked Up – Queen of Hearts

From Fucked Up’s mighty David Comes To Life concept LP, this, the opening track, sets up the story of David falling in love with Veronica, and vice versa. The story as a whole is a sprawling affair set in Thatcher’s Britain that troubles itself with various postmodern conceits such as meta-narratives and unreliable narrators. A breakdown of it, including the lyrics, can be found here.

The great thing about the album, despite Fucked Up’s hardcore credentials and their standing among the hipster Pitchfork set (nothing wrong with that, by the way), is that it’s nothing less than a pop masterpiece. Above all of it, and working trough it – through Damian Abraham’s (Pink Eyes) brutal voice and the layers of screeching guitars  – are melodies that just won’t give up. Straightforward melodies, simple melodies but they hold the whole thing together. It’s almost as if with this record they really wanted to reach out. Thrilling stuff.

Below is the official video, along with a link to a video of a great live performance:


Fucked Up on Pitchfork.


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