Stereolab – Les Yper Yper Sound

I used to love Stereolab. Early Stereolab, when they were in thrall to the likes of Neu! and did interesting things with the whole repetitive, metronomic, drone thing. I lost interest when they abandoned that for the drippy lounge Europop that made them sound like cousins of the appalling St Etienne: kitsch music for kitsch people. Stereolab always had – and still have – the potential to be so much better than that.

This, from the b-side of the 1996 Cybele’s Reverie single (which also features the marvellous Young Lungs), is basically their Krautrock obsession taken to its logical, and thrilling, conclusion.


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2 Responses to Stereolab – Les Yper Yper Sound

  1. MAG LEV says:

    This is rather splendid

  2. Stephen says:

    One night in 1997 I listened to this song on autorepeat at top volume for probably 12 hours. I reshuffled my mind and hit my deadline, and for that I will always be grateful to this ysome, ysome song.

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