Ivory Joe Hunter – Since I Met You Baby

It’s the sax and backing vocals that prevent this sweet shuffle of a song from being somewhat languid – although I like the fact that this bold declaration of love (“Since I met you baby, my whole life has changed” etc.) is delivered by Hunter almost as if he’s singing and playing to himself. Which is not to say that it isn’t completely arresting; the song’s delicacy strengthened by the confidence of the playing and the singing. It’s just that when you sing it yourself, without the accompaniment of the record, you realise there can’t be that much going on.

Except that there is, as you discover when you play the record again and hear that wonderful, busy sax and those haunting backing vocals subliminally lifting the song and giving it the substance needed to get you right there.

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One Response to Ivory Joe Hunter – Since I Met You Baby

  1. Huw Sayer says:

    Thank you Paul – never heard it before but love it – as you say: “completely arresting” – and deeply romantic.

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