Elbow – One Day Like This

Were it not for the heavy-handed “throw those curtains wide” refrain that makes up the second half of the song (that calls up, for me, not so much Hey Jude as the Britpop variation on Hey Jude), this would be a perfect record. Everything is in place: the gorgeous melody, Guy Garvey’s warm and slightly stunned voice, the lyrics that move in and out of standard love song fare (e.g. “when my face is chamois creased”) and the drums that move the song along and give it a weight that prevents it from just floating away. And if your heart doesn’t jump for joy when Garvey exclaims “Holy cow, I love your eyes!” then, obviously, you’ve got a dead heart. Utterly beautiful.

But if it’d been me, I’d have stopped at 3:20 – at the point when all of the truly great work had been done. Maybe.


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One Response to Elbow – One Day Like This

  1. Huw Sayer says:

    Really enjoying trawling through your eclectic taste in music Paul – this is a great track (even the ‘hey Jude’ style ending). Thank you

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