Marnie Stern – Ruler

Ooh, Marnie Stern. I was just reminded of her after listening to Deerhoof. And I was reminded of Deerhoof after listening to Erase Errata. Who I was reminded of after listening to Rolo Tomassi*.

It’s like falling down the stairs.

Which is a bit what this music is like. In a good way. In a controlled, artful way.

What Marnie Stern has got going for her is that she’s a pretty hipster bird from New York.

Actually, that’s not all she’s got going for her. In fact, now that I think of it, that’s the least of what she’s got going for her. Which says a lot about what she has got going for her.

She does that harmonics thing on the guitar that metal types like to do. It involves tapping the strings on the fret with your fingers. Something like that. I love that sound. But, as with heavy metal drumming – which I also love – it usually comes surrounded with a load of old shite.

So as well as that harmonics thing, she’s got this drummer who reminds me a bit of Keith Moon because he too manages to do his own thing at the same time as being absolutely married to the song.

In all, it’s clattering, ramshackle drums, harmonics and squealy guitar lines. Topped off with a rather high-pitched girly voice.

It’s an absolute racket. But a glorious one.

(* I was listening to Rolo Tomassi because Matthew sent me a link and reckoned I should get them on this blog. Which, of course, I did.)

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One Response to Marnie Stern – Ruler

  1. Alan says:

    I love Marnie Stern! This was one of my favourite albums when it was released; I even bought a physical copy! (how retro of me).

    There’s something about the music that just keeps dragging you back to it over and over again.

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