Cable – Ring of Fire

Things that keep this song from straying into the all-too familiar ‘indie band does novelty cover version’ thing:

The cloppity drums. I love that drum sound. For me, it’s the best thing about heavy metal.

The singer’s unstudied nonchalance.

The fact that the song stops (at 0:40) and then starts again. And that it stops again (at 1.25) – the silence broken by feedback and the singer’s perfectly placed “The” (followed by the just right pause). And the other stops and starts. I love songs that stop and start.

The snaky, sireny guitar line that runs beneath the song, carrying it forward.

The unexpected quieter, intimate bit at 2.41.

The fact that, despite the canonisation of Johnny Cash, it’s better than the original.


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One Response to Cable – Ring of Fire

  1. danielweiresq says:

    Blimey Cable, that takes me back, saw them a few times back in the day support a friends band in mostly empty venues – seems a lifetime ago.

    DW x

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