Mud – Oh Boy

They slowed it down, they added a spoken word bit and they made it better. In spite of themselves.


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6 Responses to Mud – Oh Boy

  1. womaninblack says:

    Better than Buddy…? It’s nice, but I can’t favour Mud over BH, and not least because he didn’t have silly hair and the kind of nylon jumpsuit that set sparks flying if you so much as cross your legs.
    Maybe I’m just Buddy biased, because I love him (not as much as Elvis, but almost).

  2. womaninblack says:

    Just remembered: your namesake owns the BH back catalogue, doesn’t he?
    Good taste.

  3. Paul Saxton says:

    I won’t be out-fanned on Buddy Holly. I’ve loved him since I was a very young kid – he was my dad’s favourite.

    But I do think Mud’s version of Oh Boy is better than the original, yes. I was going to jaw on about why but thought it best to let it speak for itself!

    There’s definitely going to be a Buddy post coming up but, as with The Beatles and The Fall, I’ll struggle to choose which of his songs to go for.

  4. womaninblack says:

    Clearly I can’t claim to have loved him for longer than you, because I am several years younger than you (kerpow) but RELATIVELY speaking, I’ve loved him for as long. So there.
    Picking one of BH’s songs is a nightmare. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore?
    That was a suggestion, not a statement.
    Of course you could do an EDP2, and make it clear that the first BH song you write about is ‘the first in a series’…

  5. Paul Saxton says:

    We are as one: It Doesn’t Matter Anymore is the song I was favouring. Even though it was written by Paul Anka and so doesn’t fit with the compelling story about Buddy Holly: that he was one of the very few pre-Beatles artists who wrote and produced his own songs.

    Your age dig was below the belt though…

  6. womaninblack says:

    True: it’d be somewhat bittersweet to applaud a song BH didn’t write when he was arguably the most progressive musician of his time. But…it’s brilliant.
    That last line – a masterclass in how ‘up yours’ can be both devastating and gentle all at the same time.

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